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Mousies, Mousees

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Mousies, Mousees

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Eristallis Tenax

Mousies are one of the hardest baits to come by.  They left the fishing scene for awhile because of their difficulty to find.  We got them and they are worth the price.  Their unique tail is actually their nose and make them an attractive bait for ice fishing.  Tip you jig or fly with a mousie and hold on for an exciting ride. Mousies are packed in moistened saw dust and will last 1 month.  Must keep mousies refrigerated.

Available in quantiites of  50, 100, 250, or 500.

During Times of Extreme Temperature ex. Less than 20 degrees and greater than 85 degrees we recommend having Live Bait held at Post Office for Pick up.


 Live Bait is sold by weight and count can vary due to size variations among bait.  All counts are approximate.  We do not guarantee count on live bait. We regularly adjust weight of live bait based on seasonal variations of bait and try our best to get an accurate approximate count.