Who Are We?

N.A.S. Inc was founded in 1981 by William "Woody" and Terri Overmyer.  N.A.S. Inc. was initial a small retail bait store located on the south shores of Lake Erie in Marblehead, OH.

When we started it was very difficult to find wholesale suppliers who would offer live bait at reasonable pricing without large minimum orders.  When starting out it is hard for most bait stores to purchase such large orders of perishable goods without losing money.

We began wholesaling by accident.  We started importing Canadian Nightcrawlers from worm markets in Toronto.  Other small local bait stores heard that we were running our own truck up to Canada and asked to purchase worms with no minimum order.  We now deliver to 350 stores in our delivery area and are adding more each year.

Eventually we added Emerald Shiners, Waxworms, Butterworms, European Nightcrawlers, Mealworms, Maggots, Salmon Eggs, Preserved Bait and Fishing Tackle to our delivery route.

In 1985 we ran our first ad in Field & Stream magazine offering live fishing bait shipped directly to consumers door.  With the advent of the internet we have expanded our online and mail order live fishing bait and tackle business. We now ship direct to consumers in 49 states.

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