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How We Got Started

N.A.S. Inc was founded by William "Woody" Overmyer his wife, Terry and their 5 children in 1981.  We started as a small retail bait and tackle store located in Marblehead, OH.  We offered a limited selection of live bait and terminal fishing tackle. After a few years of running a small retail operation we discovered how difficult it was to buy live bait from local wholesalers.  Most wholesalers had huge minimums and very poor customer service.  We decided to take a small pick-up truck to Canada and buy Canadian Nightcrawlers directly from the pickers.  This was no easy task since the worm distributors do not like getting cut out of the profits and are very reluctant to share any of their knowledge. 

After a short time we were bringing Canadian Nightcrawlers in from Canada and selling them on our trip back.  We eventually started wholesaling Emerald Shiners after purchasing our first minnow boat named the "Blackstone" in  1986.  Emerald Shiners and Canadian Nightcrawlers were our staple business for many years.  In 1987 we ran our first ad in Field and Stream offering live bait shipped directly to your door.  We expanded into many different types of live baits as well as preserved baits and manufacturing fishing tackle.  In 1988 we started offering live bait online and were one of the first bait companies selling both wholesale and direct to consumers live bait online.

In 1994 we opened a second retail location and continued to expanded our offerings.  In 1996 Woody and Terry's oldest son Chris took over retail operations.  We have since closed all retail locations. We now concentrate solely on direct to consumer online and telephone sales along with delivering to over 300 stores in Ohio and Michigan and shipping to over 1,500 stores nationally. 

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for all our customers.  Our mission is to make every customer no matter how small feel like they are a million dollar account.  Chris Overmyer is now the C.E.O. of N.A.S. Inc. but if you call him today he will take how ever much time you like to discuss live bait, changes in the business or just gossip about fishing in your area.